What Is TRP?  Complete Information Related To TRP
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What Is TRP?  Complete Information Related To TRP – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  Friends, in this article today we will tell you what is TRP and what are the benefits of TRP?  Friends, if you also want to know about TRP, then read our article till the last, because today in this article you will be given complete information related to TRP.

 Friends, if you watch the news or remain active on social media, then you must have heard the name TRP there.  You will get to hear the name TRP in any news channel, but friends, is TRP really?  Very few people know about this, because TRP is never explained in detail and people have many confusions related to TRP, so today in this article we will give you every detail related to TRP.  

 Friends, you must be watching all the television. There are many types of channels in television, in which many types of shows are shown.  Do you know the cost of making a show is crores.  A show is prepared after spending crores of rupees and it is uploaded in the channel, but have you ever wondered why these shows are made and what are the benefits of this show?  Friends, all this happens because of TRP. 

 If you are fond of listening to the news, then you must have heard the news in various news channels, but have you ever thought what do you take from this news channel in exchange for giving news?  Friends, all this game is done by TRP.

 What Is TRP?

 TRP has a full form television rating point.  TRP tells which channel is more popular and is seen more by people.

 Television has hundreds of channels on which hundreds of shows are shown, but the TRP system is used to find out which channel is the most popular in all these shows and in all these channels.  Through TRP, the government finds out which channel is being liked and popular by the people.

 The channel which has higher TRP is more popular and the channel which has lower TRP is not popular.

 How Is TRP Detected?

 Now you might be thinking how do television companies know which channel is more popular and how does TRP find out which channel is liked more by people.

 There are two agencies in our country that carry out TRP checks, the first of which is Indian Television Audience Management and the second agency is doordarshan audience research team.  These two agencies do TRP checks in the country and tell which channel is being liked more.

 TRP agencies set up an electronic gadget at people’s homes in different areas to find out the TRP of the channel, this is called public meter.  This public meter connects TRP agency with people’s TV.  This public meter records which channel is being liked more, Public Meter checks which channel is being liked more and sends its records to the agency after that the agency records these records  Analyzing it to tell which channel is being liked more.

 Benefits Of TRP 

 You must have known what TRP is and how TRP is checked.  Let us now tell you what are the benefits of TRP?  If you want to know the benefits of TRP, let me tell you that TRP has many advantages.  Friends, as you all know, the income of news channels and other television shows is income only from their advertising.  When you see any episode in tv, you will see an advertisement in the middle of the program.

  In exchange for this advertisement, the owners of the channel take millions of rupees and this advertisement is levied only on those channels which have higher TRPs.  Before advertising, the company looks at which channel has higher TRP because the channel which has higher TRP means that people watch that channel more, that is why the company puts its advertisement on such channel which is more preferred channel  Used to be.

 Friends, today our information ends here.  Today in this article we told you what is TRP, how is TRP checked and what are the benefits of TRP?  We hope you like this information.

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