What is strawberry ? And The Benefits Of Strawberry

What is strawberry ?
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What is strawberry ? And The Benefits Of Strawberry – Hello my dear friends how are you?  today I am going to tell you about a fruit it’s called strawberry. Today I will tell you the uses of strawberry  and its side effect so friend if you like strawberry and you like to to eat strawberry so please read my full article my article will very helpful for you. Friend without waste any  time let’s start

What is strawberry ?

Friends if you like  fruits so I definitely sure that you know what is strawberry . strawberry is a very sweet fruit . It is red heart shape fruit it . has red colour this is a very tasty fruit and also healthy.  it taste is some sweet and salty

What is strawberry ?

Many people loved this test and some people not like this test . today we are going to tell you some benefits of strawberry . so friends stay with us and know everything about strawberry.

Types of strawberry

Friends there are many types of strawberry but some famous types of strawberry given below.

June bearing

friendship this is a famous type of strawberry .every people like this type of strawberry.  this is famous in all over the world. This type of strawberry is came in June . this is a costly type of strawberry.

Ever Bering

This is another type of strawberry.  this type of strawberry is not came all over whether . this  strawberry is only came in in summer. this is a very famous type of strawberry.

Day Neutral

This stoberry came all over in summer  it’s called a neutral strawberry . this is a very tasty types of strawberry

Benefits Of Strawberry

Friends there are many benefits of strawberry cannot explain the every benefit of strawberry but the benefits are most helpful for us given below.

Lose Fat

Strawberry is a low calorie fruit.  you can use strawberry for burn your calorie . only 50 calories are in a cup of strawberry.  the strawberry is full from fibre . if you eat one or two cup of strawberry so this is enough for you. If you want to lose your fat so please use strawberry in your diet

Protect Us From Cancer

Strawberry is a very useful in Cancer yes this is also true because many research are declared that. It has cancer preventive and cancer therapeutics qualities these qualities are helpful in Cancer.

For Healthy Heart

Friends if you want to  live always healthy and you want a healthy heart so please start to eat strawberry because strawberry has a lot of antioxidant and polyphenols.

For Healthy Teeth

Friends if you want to  healthy teeth and a shining teeth so please use strawberry in your diet because strawberry has the power to kill bacteria. Strawberry is very useful to reduce the the yellow colour in your teeth . How To Lock Facebook Profile And What is Facebook profile lock feature ?

For Healthy Bones

Friendship if you want are healthy bones so I recommend you please start Mr Bean in your diet.


Friends this is a small notification for you about strawberry. Today I told you that the qualities of strawberry and types of strawberry . I hope this article wiil useful for you. For This types of more information please stay with us thank you

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