What Is Google Add Me To Search ? How To Create Your Profile On Google

What Is Google Add Me To Search
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What Is Google Add Me To Search? How To Create Your Profile On Google – In today’s time, everyone thinks that his name should be searched on Google and all the details about him should come including photos, social media profiles and contact details. In view of this demand, Google has launched a new service Google People Card.

In this, you can create your public profile through the Add Me To Search feature and show it on Google. If you do not know about the Add Me To Search feature of Google People Card, then in this article we will tell you what is Google Add Me To Search and how to create your profile on Google?

What Is Google Add Me To Search ?

As you all know that Google is a very big search engine whose search results are a very big thing to see for yourself. If you search for a famous movie star or businessman, Google comes to the top but if you are an ordinary person, there is no information about you on Google. In view of this, Google has launched the Google People Card service. In this, you can create your profile through the Add Me To Search feature.

After this, if someone searches your name, then complete information about you will come. The Google People Card service launched by Google is very much liked by the people. Because now big bloggers are making their profile here and promoting themselves. If you do any professional work, you can give complete information about it here, as well as share your contact details and social media links.

With this, if any person searches your name, then they can get complete information about you as well as can be associated with your social media account and can visit your website. Not only this, there is also a facility to submit contact details through which any person can contact you. This is a very useful thing for people doing professional work.

How To Create Google People Card ?

If you want your name to be searched on Google, then you get full information about it, then for this you have to create a Google People Card. Below we are going to tell you step by step ways to create Google People Card.

  • First open the Google Chrome browser. First of all login your Gmail account in Google Chrome browser.
  • After this, go to the search box and type Add Me To Search and search.
  • Now you get the Get Started button at the top and click on it.
  • Now the photo in your Gmail account will start appearing automatically and at the same time the name written in it will also appear.
  • As soon as you click on Get Started, a form will be opened in which you will have to give Bio, Email ID, Social Media Profile Links and Education Details.
  • After this, by entering the mobile number in the section containing the mobile number, it will have to be verified.
  • After completing this process, you should see the preview of your card. After that save the card.
  • After that Google approves it.
  • After getting approval, now if someone enters your name and searches on Google, then information about you will start appearing there.

What Are The Benefits Of Google People Card ?

Through Google People Card, you can tell people about yourself and make your brand reputation. The best thing in this is that now even an ordinary person can make a card on it and can tell people about themselves. In this way, followers also grow on your social media account.

If you have started a new blog or a new YouTube channel then it can prove to be very beneficial for you. While creating Google People Card, you also enter your website URL, due to which many people will be able to know about your website and traffic on it will also increase.

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