What Is a Holiday Weight Gate? Why Are The Experts Worrying About This

What Is a Holiday Weight Gate?  Why Are The Experts Worrying About This
What Is a Holiday Weight Gate?  Why Are The Experts Worrying About This....
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What Is a Holiday Weight Gate?  Why Are The Experts Worrying About This – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, in this article today, we will give you information about one related to your health.  Today in this article we will tell you what is holiday weight gain?  And why is our experts so worried about holiday weight gain?  So friends, if you also want to know about holiday weight gain, then read the article till the last.

 Friends, just a few days ago, Colonel University has claimed in one of its research that the world will once again have to face the holiday weight gain.  The university has given warning to everyone to prepare themselves for the holiday weight gain.  In such a situation, this topic is very much discussed because no one knows about Holiday Weight Gate.

 Friends, if you are also one of those who do not know about Holiday Will Get, then read this article till the last. In this article, you will give important information related to Holiday Weight Gain, together we will tell you how to get holiday weight gain.  Left?

 Holiday Weight Gain

 Friends, as you all know, there is a change in the weather every 4 months in our country.  Currently winter season is coming.  There are severe winters from October to December.  There are also holidays in such situations.  Friends research has revealed that in winter people gain weight very fast.  This weight increases at double the speed, it is called holiday weight gain. Holiday Weight Gate

 Friends, there was a survey at cornail University.  It has been revealed in that survey that it takes at least 5 months to reduce the weight that increases in the holiday.  Now you can understand how important it is for us to avoid the holiday weight gain.

 Friends, Kernel University has done its Holiday Weight Gain Survey in that survey 3000 people from every country of the world have been included.  Diet of 3000 people was noted in Karnal University.  After that he was analyzed. 

 He then observed that in October, November and December, people gain weight rapidly because these months are when the winters are in their maximum limit. And in these days no one wants to work.  All people rest in bed.  People do not do physical activity due to which people gain weight rapidly.

 Research has also found that whenever there is a big festival coming up in our country, the chances of holiday weight gain increases because all the holidays are kept in the festivals.  People relax at home.  Due to the holiday weight gain, the fat near the waist of the people comes out and they become fat.

 How Is A Holiday Weight Gain

 Friends, now all of you would like to know how is holiday weight gain?  And what is the reason behind the holiday weight gain?  Friends, many people believe that during the holidays we stay at home and eat more food, our diet increases, so there is a holiday weight gain.  It is not like that at all.  Food alone is not the reason for holiday weight gain.

 There are many reasons behind the holiday weight gain.  The biggest reason for this is depression.  Friends, as you all know, there is no sun in winter.  Because of which sunlight does not reach our body.  Because of this, our bodies cannot get enough hormones.  

There are many hormones in the sunlight, but due to lack of sunlight, there is a lack of hormones in our body.  Due to which our weight starts increasing.  Along with this, we do not do any physical activity while staying at home in the holiday, due to which we gain weight.

 How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

 Till now we have told you what is holiday weight gain and how is holiday weight gain.  Let us tell you how you can avoid the problem of Holiday Weight Gain.  Below we are telling you some tips.  Tips that you can follow to avoid the problem of holiday weight gain.

 Friends, if you want to avoid holiday weight gain, then first you have to avoid white things.  Whatever white things are, salt sweet chips, white bread rice, you should keep them all away from you and do not consume them.  This way you can avoid the problem of holiday weight gain.

 You can also use high fat and high calories to avoid holiday weight gain.  If you consume tea, instead of consuming tea, you should consume herbal tea.  You add ginger honey, cardamom cinnamon in herbal tea and drink it.  This can help you avoid the problem of holiday weight gain.

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 So friends, this was a little information for you today.  Today’s information ends here.  Today in this article, we told you what is holiday weight gain?  And how does Holiday weight ?  We hope you like this information.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day

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