Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers
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Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Friends, if you want to work fast in your web designing, then you have to use some of the best Chrome Extensions. Because friends, there are many people who do web designing work but are not aware of Google extension, today we will tell you about some great Chrome extensions in this article.

What Font

Friends, this extension is very important for those people who use the font because if you want to use the font, with the help of this extension, you can get information about the new font. With the help, you can also get the information of any account information you want to get.

Full page screen capture

Friends, if you are also doing free lancing work in your web designing, then this extension will be very useful if we have to take a full screenshot of a page, then with the help of this extension we can take a full screen shot of it, just for this we have here But clicking on the icon that resembles the camera, immediately this extension will automatically make a screenshot of the Assistant section.

Color zilla

Like friends, after reading its name, we know that it is related to a color. While doing the work of designing a web, you need many colors.
Professional web designers are the ones who pay most attention to color cominition, in such a situation, if you want to use a color on your side, then you need a color code, in such a way this extension generates many color codes. You get to see many options, you can change the color by clicking on any option.

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Friends, this is the best extension in the designing world, with the help of this extension, you can easily major the element of any page of Google Chrome with the perfect pixel ratio if you want to check the height or position of a page. So all you have to do is turn on the extensions and select them on the major.

Clear cache

Friends, it happens many times that we have to face many catches while working online, friends, if you are designing a website or doing any website development, then you face many difficulties and times – Clear catch has to be done in the browser, but friends, if you are using this extension, it will make your work very easy because in this you get the option to clear both cookies and catches at once.

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