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As the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act has been stopped in many states of the country including Delhi, the government has closed internet connections in many places, in which people have started resorting to some platforms, without which internet connection Communication can occur. You can also use these apps.

Top 5 Application For Share Message and Photo Without Internet

FireChat: This app can be communicated on the nearest device without internet and mobile phone coverage. This app uses blue tooth to connect nearby phones. With this, private phone calls can be made and secure text messages can be sent if there is no internet. It supports Android and iOS.

Signal Offline: Signal offline Messenger is a Wi-Fi direct base app. Communication can be done from this app within 100 meters without internet connection. You can use it to chat with one person or with a group. The company says that all the chats done through this app are secured. The user can send audio, text, photo and video messages to the nearest user from the Wi-Fi director. This app supports Android.

Vojer: Voice calls of very good quality can be made from this app without internet connection. It does not ask for access to your phone book and only demands access to Wi-Fi, blue tooth, microphone and camera so that its features can be used. It supports iOS.

Bridgefy: This app also works offline. If you do not want to pay roaming charges during a music event, natural disaster or travel abroad, then you can use it. This app is used in one to one chat. Can connect to multiple people without creating a Wi-Fi signal. Apart from this, you can also allow people around you to see messages, even when their names are not in your contact list. It supports Android and iOS.

Briar: You can use this app if internet connection is closed. It syncs with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If there is an internet connection then it can be synced to Tor network. This protects the user and its relationship from monitoring.

Restrictions on internet connection have become common in India. Internet and phone connections were closed in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 after announcing the removal of Article 370. Internet connection is still closed there. At the same time, Internet connection in Aligarh was closed immediately after the news of protest against CAA. After this, internet connections were also stopped in West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Arunachal protests. According to the Software Freedom Law Center, or SFLC, an organization that tracks Internet shutdowns all over the world, there have been 93 shutdowns in India so far in 2019.

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