Soon internet speed will be 1 gigabyte, preparations for 5G network in India begin

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Bengaluru 4G networks are considered to be a major contributor to the rapid change in the information revolution, but soon the 5G network is going to knock in India, which is sure to give a new dimension to the world of internet. This is being said because 5G network speeds are 45 times faster than 4G networks, so that a two and a half hour high quality movie can be downloaded in a second.

Currently, 5G networks have been launched in many countries. These include China, South Korea, the United States and Britain. Apart from this, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Qatar and UAE have made official announcements to introduce 5G. It is believed that after the arrival of the 5G network, the electric car will see a change in the technology of the power grid.

Significantly, the Indian Telecom Department is preparing for the 5G spectrum auction and the department has issued a tender for the selection of the auction company. It is being told that the auction companies will be able to apply by January 13, while the selection of the company will be completed by January 28.

Companies can apply till January 13 in the tender issued by DoT for auction selection. The bids of the companies will open on 24 January and the selection process will be completed by 28 January. It is said that the auction company will be selected for 3 years. 9 spectrum bands including 5G spectrum will be auctioned. Spectrum auction will have to be conducted in all 22 circles. On December 19, the department will meet with the auction companies.

It is believed that the expansion of 5G network will gradually replace the 4G network and by 2020 the 5G wireless network could be expanded worldwide. If this happens, the infrastructure revenue of the 5G network will reach $ 4.2 billion. If this happens, by 2025, 75 billion Internet of Things devices are expected.

With this, this world will be able to do most of the work very easily with the help of internet. However, after the introduction of the 5G commercial network, the first benefit will be given to the mobile brandband, which will give a better experience to the smartphone users, as the highest speed will be reached to every house without fiber lanes.

Recently, China has started 5G service in its 50 cities. Three major Chinese government telecom companies have launched 5G service. Among the 50 cities in China where 5G service has been introduced, cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Schengen are included. It is being told that the initial price of 5G internet pack in China has been kept at 128 yuan i.e. around Rs 1,290.

So it can be assumed that people should be ready from now on to loose their pockets for high speed internet. However, 5G network will definitely guarantee high speed internet. 5G service in India can start only next year. South Korea launched the 5G network across the country on April 5, 2019. China has become the second country with a 5G network after South Korea.

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How much of 4G network will be different 5G network

5G means that the 5th generation network increases the data speed manifold. Through a 5G network, data can travel up to 250 times more speed than 4G. This allows hundreds of films to be viewed simultaneously in a single comment. These 5G technologies can revolutionize technology related to factory robotics, self-driving car technology, machine learning networks, clean energy technology and advanced medical equipment and smart cities.

Highspeed 5G network will save time

It is believed that by increasing the speed of the Internet from the 5G network, not only will life be easier but time will also be saved. At present, it takes some time to download any HD (high definition) quality movie, but after 5G, any work can be done in a few seconds. Even at times there is a possibility of loss of connectivity in the Internet connection coming through the wire but in 5G this will not happen.

17 crore 5G users to be available by the end of 2020

According to a report, by the end of the year 2020, the number of 5G users in China will cross 170 million. At the same time, South Korea with 75,000 users will be in second place in terms of 5G users. By the year 2020, the number of 5G users in the US may be close to 10,000.

5G network service has been started in these countries

South Korea is the first country to start 5G service, followed by 5G service in China. It has started at some place in America. Also, some European countries have also joined it, namely Switzerland, Finland and Britain. Apart from this, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Qatar and UAE have made official announcements to introduce 5G.

Concerns about 5G network radiofrequency radiation

Exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation after a 5G network is believed to be spread may adversely affect health. The introduction of 5G network will increase the number of mobile towers in the country. Since the RF signal strength is very high. In such a situation, there is a possibility of deteriorating health from radiation. Experts believe that as long as the standards of safety set by regulatory authorities are followed, there is no need to fear RF.

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