Know Which Vegetable to Plant in Which Month , Complete Information is Here

Know Which Vegetable to Plant in Which Month
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Know which vegetable to plant in which month, complete information is here – Hello friends, how are you all? I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article. Friends, today we will give you information on a very important subject through this article of ours. Today we will tell you that if you are fond of gardening, then in which month do you grow which vegetables that will benefit you. Friends, if you also want information about vegetables according to the month, then read the article till the last.Great Way to Do Gardening in Less Space

Know Which Vegetable to Plant in Which Month, Complete Information is Here

Friends, vegetables are used in everyone’s home, they are grown in the fields. Some people grow them in their home. Friends, different vegetables are grown according to different seasons. It is also absolutely true that not every vegetable is produced in every season, so you have to pay attention to which season you are growing which vegetables. Today we will tell you the list of vegetables according to every month which you should grow.

What vegetables to plant in january

In January you can grow all the vegetables that need moisture. In January season you can grow vegetables like spinach pumpkin, Rajma, capsicum, lubia, radish etc. as these are the crops that need moist place for growth and do not get sunny in winter, so these crops are well prepared.


The weather is slightly warmer in February than in January, so in February you should grow cucumber cucumber rajma karela cabbage brinjal okra gourd spinach.


The weather of March and February is almost the same, that is why the vegetables you grow in March can be grown in February. In March, you can grow crops such as Muli Arabic Bhendi Spinach Karela Gourd Torai Cucumber Cucumber etc.


The weather starts getting hot in April, so in April, you can grow tomato coriander pea radish chowhai, etc.


The weather gets very hot in May. The temperature starts increasing, so it is advisable to grow vegetables like radish chilli peanut luffa gourd tomato brinjal, cabbage etc. in May.


It is a hot summer in June, you can grow a good crop by growing crops like chilli radish, spinach coriander, bitter gourd etc. in June.


In July, the rain starts gradually by doing this, so in July you can grow crops that have good effect on the rain. Among these crops, Cucumber Cucumber Cowpea Chourai Chilli Onion Tomato Eggplant are prominent.


It is advisable to grow carrot turnip spinach coriander cauliflower onion radish etc. in August.


In September, it is good to grow vegetables like peas, garlic, cucumber turnip, beetle, cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, chilli, etc., because the weather starts to cool slightly in the morning in September.


In October, winters start coming in gradually, in this October you can grow those plants which can tolerate winter. Among these, the ladyfingers, onion beet garlic, brinjal, potato, cabbage, flowers, cabbage, carrot, radish, coriander etc. are the main ones.


Winter starts in November and the weather becomes moist, so in this season you should grow mustard seeds, cabbage, capsicum, turnip, flowers, cabbage, spinach, cabbage, beet carrots, coriander, etc.


Winter is at its peak in December, so you can make a great vegetable for yourself by growing tomato pea cucumber cucumber carrot beet radish chilli coriander onion tomato tinda brinjal, etc. in December.

The conclusion

Friends, this was a small information for you in which we told you about the crops grown per season. I hope you like this information. You remained with us to get similar information. Thanks a lot

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