Know how this farmer is earning 40 lakh rupees annually on the Black pepper

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Know how this farmer is earning 40 lakh rupees annually on the Black pepper

Raipur / Dr. Sandeep Upadhyay. Millionaire Farmer: Dr. Rajaram Tripathi, a progressive farmer in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh, is well known in the country and abroad for modern farming practices and the income generated from it. His annual income is 40 lakh rupees.

Knowing the truth of this earning, the country’s Principal Director General of Income Tax Casey Ghumaria reached his farm. He asked Rajaram how to take so much agricultural income, so instead of giving a direct answer Rajaram took him to the pepper field. There he asked them to assess the yield themselves.

Surprisingly estimated the yield of about 80 lakh rupees in one acre. Income tax officer deeply affected by this farming, Ghumaria laughingly told the farmer that after retirement he too will come to Kondagaon to do farming. Farmer Rajaram Tripathi told the magazine that I show agricultural income of 40 lakh rupees every year.

Millionaire Farmer CG farmer turns millionaire by Black pepper farming

Income tax officials were also surprised to see such huge tax-free agricultural income. That is why on his visit to Chhattisgarh, Principal Director General of Income Tax KC Ghumaria came to Kondagaon to see our farming techniques. He visited the fields. He was surprised to see pepper yields in it.

Amazing new technology
Farmer Rajaram told that I have prepared a pepper plant called Australian Team. The specialty of this plant is that it absorbs up to 300 times of natural nitrogen. Due to this, while 1 plant of normal black pepper yields 5 to 10 kg, Australian teak produces 35 to 40 kg. Rajaram claims that if cultivation is done using this method, then the consumption of chemical fertilizer worth Rs. 3 lakh 14 thousand crores can also be reduced in the country.

Two teams from Kerala have come and inspected
Rajaram said that the state of Kerala is famous for the cultivation of spices. Farmers there are able to produce a maximum of Rs 5-6 lakhs in one acre field from the pepper crop. After hearing Rajaram’s claim of producing 40 lakh rupees per acre, a team of two farmers has also visited from there.

Principal Director General of Income Tax KC Ghumaria said that Rajaram Tripathi is earning a lot of profits by doing organic farming. I asked him to train the tribals of the region by connecting with it. After retirement, I will also join this farming and work to trend the tribals. I am keen to work for the development of tribes. Millionaire Farmer

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