Johnny Depp stood me up at Hampton Court

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Henry VIII’s kitchens at Hampton Court had 200 staff in 55 rooms. These days, when Henry’s kitchen spit is turned and the meat is simmered – appropriately – for our guests to see, it’s very asset concentrated. Be that as it may, so justified, despite all the trouble, progressed admirably. It’s meltingly heavenly.

My very own office life at Hampton Court is to some degree testing sustenance astute. It’s miles from anyplace, off the Chapel Court, somewhere inside the royal residence, up a winding staircase of 51 stages. You can’t simply nip out for a sandwich. On the off chance that we do go out it’s down and, at that point directly crosswise over to the bottle, which is more standard, on the off chance that you like, than at Kensington Palace, however has a great plate of mixed greens bar.

I’m exceptionally inspired by Queen Victoria’s more youthful years at Kensington Palace. She was conceived in the lounge area since it had stairs down to high temp water in the kitchen. Her sustenance was controlled and she was in every case to some degree useless in her eating subsequently. She glutted. What’s more, she utilized eating as a device to consult with grown-ups.

As a youngster I ate a wide range of veg on the grounds that my mom was a nonconformist and developed them all and made our garments. We carried on a 1970s college teacher’s rural way of life. I helped uncover potatoes, a significant piece of our life. Mum made blackberry jam and rosehip syrup.

I used to go outdoors a great deal with Dad and we made nourishment out of bundles, which I’ve been strangely attached to as a grown-up. You simply include water, similar to Angel Delight.

Father’s a resigned physical geographer, clearly. On the off chance that I state “geologist”, he’d state “I’m not unreasonably no-nonsense”. When he and I took a Land Rover around Iceland with extraordinary boxes of dry fixings. We went there more than once and I was under 10, yet we never ate Icelandic nourishment. We had parcel mince, made by including water. We conveyed everything, including a Mars Bar for each day, which positively wouldn’t have been permitted if mother was near.

My sibling and I concealed chocolates from our folks. We had a mystery reserve of Curly Wurlys. What’s more, there was a jug of red alcohol in our folks’ beverages organizer. We’d drink from it and top up with water, so it was weakened and paler and paler until practically clear. It had a wolf on the name so we considered it the Wolf Drink.

When I was around 13, my mum had a slipped plate and needed to lie on her back, so I turned into the family cook for a half year and delighted in it. She generally – and still does – believed herself to be the unrivaled cook. I was the faker; I never took the crown.

At college I cooked for a long time in skillet on outdoors gas in my room. It was absolutely unlawful and when I consider the flame chance in a notable structure, I shiver. I used to do lentils, sautés and – to attempt and awe companions – chicken in a white sauce.

I have quit any pretense of driving so I shop each day in transit home – however I used to complete a ton of driving. I was visiting strongholds for English Heritage and even back when I was working at Bolsover Castle and going to Nottingham University to do examine at night, an extraordinary spot to eat in transit home was Leicester Forest East administration station (on the M1). The other spot I enjoyed was Little Chef. In the event that I was remaining independent from anyone else in a B&B, I’d be very glad to drive to a Little Chef and have veggie lover lasagne. It was a lovely piece of my daily schedule.

I’ve most preferred taking on the appearance of a flapper. I’ve been flappered twice. Be that as it may, I care about the garments they wore as well as a big motivator for they. It’s initial freed, acquiring cash, having the vote, their potential spouse likely passed on in the war, that sort of autonomy. Flapper gear is generally amazing for eating in, in light of the fact that it’s free and unhindered. In any case, when they turn the cameras off they put a kiddie apron on you, to stop any sustenance going on your ensemble. On the arrangement of a TV history program, there’s kin dressed as, state, Tudors, with huge plastic sheets over their cushioned skirts, outfits and bodices.

Jugs of prosecco detonating in our cooler at home – in light of the fact that we’ve placed them in to chill, at that point overlooked they’re there – happens more frequently than it ought to do. Be that as it may, it’s only one of the dangers of a prosecco way of life.

Johnny Depp was taping at Hampton Court and I had a date organized with him. When I told my sweetheart, presently spouse, he was truly incensed and pummeled the telephone down. I would have brought Johnny into Henry’s kitchen, etc, yet he didn’t turn up. Along these lines, I went to the gathering where I’d initially intended to be, and everybody asked: “Aren’t you expected to be out with Johnny Depp?’ My beau had made capital out of being stood up for Depp.

We hold, away, Princess Margaret’s 1960s melamine fitted kitchen [from Kensington Palace]. Custodians of things to come will be keen on that.

My preferred things


Crisp risotto. On the off chance that you make it for other individuals, they’re unduly inspired. Individuals have this thought risotto is difficult to make. Get the skill and it’s super-simple.


Mixed drinks, particularly in jazz bars. What I figured grown-up life would resemble. Despite everything i have this sentimental thought that adults are in a mixed drink bar having a whale of a period.


I’ve never discovered it since, however our family still discussions about it – how we halted some place arbitrary while in transit to Devon and ate the fish sticks and french fries of paradise.

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