How to Prepare for Growing Winter Flowering Plants ?

How to Prepare for Growing Winter Flowering Plants
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Complete information about planting flowering plants in winter – Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you are all healthy. Today’s article is especially for those who like gardening. Friends, if you too are fond of gardening and you often plant new flowering plants in your garden in your home, then this information is for you and only for you. Today we will give you complete information about planting some major flowering plants in the winter season. We hope you like this information.

There is hardly anyone in this world who hates flowers. There are many people who build big gardens in their house just for the cultivation of flowers. Friends, we sincerely hope that you too will love flowers and you will also like to plant flowers. If you also like to plant flowering plants, then today we will tell you how you can make your garden more beautiful than before by planting some major flowering plants in the winter season.

Winter flowering plants

Friends, though flowers can be grown in every season, but some flowers are of special type which are grown only and only in winter. Today we will give you information about such flowers which are made only for winter. If you also want to plant these winter flowering plants in your garden and want to double the beauty of your garden, then read our article till the last

In the winter season, mainly Dahlia gagenia Dangerous petunia ice flower, etc. are some of the major benefits that are applied in winter. There are also many plants that give flowers continuously, which you can always keep your garden green by planting it. Prominent among these are Gudahl Ratarani Kamini Mogra Parijat Gulab Kaner etc.

How to prepare for growing winter flowering plants ?

Friends, you all will know that in the first week of October, the mercury slowly starts to fall and the cool cold winds start moving. In October, the average daytime temperature rises to about 30 degrees and this temperature is about 20 at night. Degree. It means that the time of winter starts, at this time you can prepare a wonderful flower cultivation for yourself and your garden.

Soil and Compost Preparation

To cultivate good flowers, you have to prepare a good soil and compost. You have to keep about 60% garden soil in your soil, 20% dung and 20% sand or clay soil. This mixture of soil prepared in this way will be very fertile and the plant planted on it will be well matured.

You have to add some water to this prepared soil and keep it to dry. By doing slowly, you have to keep the moisture in it and when the 24 hours are over, then you can plant the plant you want to plant in it or whatever seed you have. Keep giving it a little water and then use compost compost in the last one.

Watering and care of plants

Friends, after a few days you will see that a small plant has sprouted from the seed you have planted, you have to take care of it a lot because when the plant is small, a lot of insects come in it which destroys it. You have to protect your plant from all these things. Remember, do not add too much water to the pot, otherwise your plant may be rotten.


There are some precautions that you have to follow while gardening, if you adopt these precautions then you can prepare a well-made flower garden.

Always give water to the plants in small quantities, do not add so much water that the plant rot.

If you add more water to the plant, then that water will be filled in the pot, then when the sun comes out, the water will become hot, in this way the water will get hot and spoil the plant.

Keep showing sufficient amount of sunlight on whatever plant you are gardening in the winter season, this will make your plant grow quickly.

At least 20 days in every pot, use fertilizer once.

These were some precautions by which you can grow a good and advanced plant and increase the beauty of your garden.

The conclusion

We hope that you will like this information, if you want to get other similar information, then stay with us for that. Today we told you about some of the major plants that are to be planted in the winter season and how to plant them. .

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