How to Make Compost at Home for Plants ?

How to Make Compost at Home for Plants
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How to Make Compost at Home for Plants ? Hello friends, how are you all? Once again all of you are welcome to your own article. Today we will give you a very important information related to farming in this article, if you are also fond of gardening and you buy for your gardening from the food market. So now you will not have to do this because today we will teach you how to make compost at home. Friends, if you also want to learn how to make compost at home, then read the entire article till the last.

Friends, the most important element for growing a good plant is its fertilizer. The better the fertilizer, the quicker your plant will grow and the better the fruits will be. Just as you need food to survive and grow up, similarly tree plants need fertilizer for growth.

How to Make Compost at Home for Plants ?

Friends, just think that if you are fed with poisonous and chemical substances in food, what will be the condition of your body? Exactly the same happens with plants. Nowadays a lot of pesticides and poisonous fertilizers have come in the market, using which stops the growth of plants and causes damage to them. Some poisonous insecticidal medicines are such that they produce fruits on the plants very quickly and fruits also ripen, but these fruits do a lot of damage to our body.

To avoid all these problems and to prepare a good plant, I would advise you to use only organic manure in your field. Anyway, when the country was not so modern, people used to make manure for agriculture in an organic way, but gradually, people have reduced the use of organic manure, due to which the protein and vitamins in vegetables are in our body. I cannot go

What manure can we make at home ?

Friends, there are many types of fertilizers that we can make at home through organic methods. These are completely natural fertilizers. If you use them to grow more vegetables on your plants, then the vegetable obtained from it is completely healthy and chemical-free. Friends, there are some special types of manure that we can make at home and the fertilizer is described below.

  • Cow dung manure
  • Compost manure
  • Compost of leaves
  • Earthworm manure

Friends, these are some of the main fertilizers that we can easily make at home too.
Today we will tell you the easiest and most effective fertilizer in all these fertilizers, the method of making cow dung, that is. You can also make a cow dung manure at your home and use it on your plants.

Complete method of making cow dung

To make cow dung you should have animal dung, for this you can use cow dung of any animal like cow buffalo goat donkey horse etc.


If you have an empty plot or a garden, then you have to dig a pit in that garden. The length of this pit is 6 feet and width is 4 feet and the depth is 8 feet. In this pit, you have to first put a lot of cow dung on the bottom, after that I have to put the waste of the house, the leaves of plants and whatever animal feed is there.

After that you have to sprinkle at least 5 to 7 liters of water on it, after this last you have to put the cow dung up again and put dry garbage on it, thus you have to repeat this process till your pit. Is not full. You have to leave this whole prepared pit for about 5 months to 6 months in the same way, after that you have to remove the manure from it, your fertilizer will be ready.

The conclusion

Friends, this was a little information for you. In this, today we told you about making household manure at home and explained the process of making cow dung. We hope you like this information. Stay tuned with us for more similar information. Thanks a lot

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