How To Lock Facebook Profile And What is Facebook profile lock feature ?

How To Lock Facebook Profile
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How To Lock Facebook Profile – Hello friends how are you ?  once again I welcomes you in our new article. Today I am going to tell you a very useful information about Facebook.  today I will tell you how to lock Facebook profile.

Friends if you also want to know this information so please read our full article carefully.  today I will tell you the full procedure of Facebook locking feature.

What is Facebook profile lock feature ?

Friends Facebook is a very big social media platform.  many of us use Facebook. In this world millions of peoples are Facebook user.  we use Facebook for connect with others like relatives, family members,  our friends and other peoples.

How To Lock Facebook Profile

Many of Facebook user upload there some private photographs, videos and other things and want that only his close friends can see these things. But Facebook is a very big platform so any people can easily search us in Facebook and simply can see our private photographs and videos.

Not only boys but also girls use Facebook and provide her mobile number address and other sensitive information in  her profile. Some boy take girls private information in her profile and misuse that.

Facebook has launched a new feature which use you can easily lock your profile . when you lock your profile only your best friend can see  your photos , post and other information.

This is a good idea for privacy in Facebook . so friends if you want to  take the advantage of this facility you have to learn This Idea ?in this article I will tell you whole procedure in simple words.

How To Lock Our Facebook Profile

  • If you want to lock your Facebook profile please read all steps carefully which I am going to tell you below.
  • First of all go to your Facebook application and open it.
  • Now you can see three lines in top right side corner.
  • Click on 3 dot line option and click on settings.
  • Now menu options will come in your screen you have to click on privacy settings.
  • In privacy setting you have to click on profile locking.
  • Now simply press on the lock profile option.

Now successfully your profile has been locked and only your Facebook friend can see your photo, video and other information which you have provided.  no other people can see your information


This is a very small information . in this article I have told you that how you can lock your profile and protect yourself in Facebook. Today’s article is specially for girls because girls want to upload her photographs but she cannot do this Because privacy reason. If you lock your profile so so that people who is not your Facebook friend he will unable to see your private information.

This article ends hear.  I hope you all are understood. If you want to more information about technical topic so please stay with us. thank you.

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