How to Grow Ginger at Home ?

How to Grow Ginger at Home
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How to Grow Ginger at Home ? Hello friends, how are you all? I once again welcome you to our all new article. Friends, today we will tell you about the way to grow ginger at home, if you are also fond of gardening and you always keep growing new vegetables at your home, then our article today is going to be very special for you because today this article But you will know how to grow vegetables at home.

All of you will know about ginger, ginger is used daily in all of us. Ginger is used in various forms in food. Some people use ginger to make tea. Ginger is also used in vegetables, if you add ginger to the vegetable, the taste of the vegetable increases.

How to Grow Ginger at Home ?

If you make any vegetable or any dish in your house, if you add a little ginger to it, then its taste increases many times already and it has a different taste. Friends, many people are confused about ginger whether it is a fruit or a vegetable. Friends, let me tell you that ginger is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but it is the root of a plant which is obtained from inside the ground.

Often you have noticed that when ginger comes in your house and you do not use it for a few days, then it gets spoiled and there is fungus in it. Friends, if you want, you can use this ginger to produce ginger and many more, just for this you will have to start gardening of ginger at home, the way of which we will tell you. One can also cultivate good ginger.

Process for ginger cultivation

Friends, if you want to cultivate ginger, then for that we will tell you the whole method today, you have to follow all the methods and grow ginger at your home.

Ginger growing time

First of all, you should know what is the right time to grow ginger? If you live in North India, you can grow ginger between March to April and September to October. Friends, ginger is a crop that is not grown in winter or in hot summer, so the weather of March-April and September-October is sufficient for ginger.

Choose the right ginger

Friends, now comes the choice of the right ginger because the more good your ginger is, the better the yield will be from it. While choosing ginger, you have to keep in mind that the ginger is small and strong. The ginger should not be too old and not too dry, there should not be any sign of rotten throat anywhere in the ginger.

Soil selection

Friends, now it is time to find suitable soil for ginger in which your ginger can mature well. For ginger soil, you have to bring about 30% sand in ordinary soil or river soil and 20% dung fertilizer. You can fill the mixture obtained in this way in the pot and you can grow ginger in it.

Ginger Transplanting

Friends, now it is my turn to grow ginger. To blow the ginger, you have to first fill the soil in the pot or container, then later you have to cut small pieces of whatever ginger you want to grow. If you do not want to cut, then you can break it, after that you have to press each piece inside the soil and put some soil on it.


Friends, if there is one thing you have to take care of it also.

  • Do not exceed 1 inch inside ginger pot.
  • It is mandatory to have a distance of about 3 inches between each ginger.
  • You do not have to make a thick layer of soil on top of ginger.
  • You do not have to add too much water to the ginger pot, if you add more water then the plant will rot.
  • Keep the ginger pot in the morning and evening for a while, do not keep it in very strong sunlight.

Diseases of ginger

Friends, as your ginger plant grows, many diseases will also start in it. Ginger has the highest fungal disease. To cure this disease, turmeric powder can be used among themselves. When you see that there is a fungus in your ginger, then put turmeric powder on it, it will cure the fungus.

The conclusion

Friends, this was information related to growing ginger at home for you. We hope you like this information. Stay tuned with us for more similar information. Thanks a lot

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