How to Grow Chilli From Seed

How to Grow Chilli From Seed
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How to grow chilli from seed ? Hello friends, how are you all? Today we will tell you through this article that if you want to grow a chilli plant from home with chilli seeds, what will you have to do for it? So friends, if you also want to grow a chili plant, then for that you will have to read the article till the last.

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You all will know about chilli, it is a food item, it is used in every household. Chillies are used to make food spicy. But friends, as you all know, chemical fertilizers are being used more in the market, due to which the chilli that is coming now does not have the same taste as before. That’s why friends, if you want, you can grow chili at your home.

How to Grow Chilli From Seed

You can use unused household buckets etc. to grow chillies. It does not require much space to grow chillies. You can grow it in a small corner, if you too are willing to grow chilli at your home and want to know how to do it, then read our article till the last.

Which climate will be good

Friends, you all know that chilli is a hot plant, so it cannot be grown in winter. You can use the roof of the house to grow chilli where the sunlight comes.

Soil for chilli growing

Friends, although chilli grows well in sandy soil, if you do not have sandy soil, you can use any fertile soil to grow chilli. You can also bring soil from the field

Method of growing chilli

To grow chillies at home, the first thing you have to do is to arrange the beds in which you will grow chillies, you have to mix about 7 kg of cow dung and potash in it and mix it in the soil and keep giving it soft water slowly. , So that they retain moisture. Now you have to add chilli seeds to these beds. After a few days you will see that the seeds will sprout, at that time insects attack them, you have to save the peppers from those insects.

How to grow chili at home ?

Friends, if you do not have a farm, you live in the city and want to grow chilli for yourself at home, then you can use pot or old broken utensils for it. For this, you will have to take the soil in the vessel almost as required. For soil, you should add 7% cow dung in about 20% sandy soil and mix it well after that fill it in clay pot. Now you have to add chilli seeds to it and you have to maintain moisture by giving water to it. You can place it on the roof of the house.

Precautions while growing chillies.

While growing chilli you have to use a good amount of pesticide so that your chilli does not harm the insects. Until the chilli seeds germinate, do not keep them in the sun, keep them in the sunlight only after they germinate.
Use a good variety of seeds to grow chillies so that your crop is well prepared.

The conclusion

Friends, this was a little information for you in which we told you how to grow chilli. Today you learned how to grow chilli at home. We hope you like this information. Stay tuned with us for more similar information. Thanks a lot

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