How to Become an ib officer and what are the qualifications required for it

How to Become an ib officer and what are the qualifications required for it
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How to become an ib officer and what are the qualifications required for it– Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Today in this article we are going to give you information on a very important subject.  Today in this article we will tell you the process of becoming an IB officer.  Today we will tell you how to become an IB officer?  So friends, if you also want to become an IB officer, then read this article completely till the last.

 Friends, as you all know, everyone dreams of getting a better job.  There are many people in our country who are preparing for a government job.  There are some people who want to become doctors, some people want to become engineers, some people dream of going to army, some people want to join defense.  But friends, there are some people in our country who want to become IB officers.

 Friends, in our country there are many jobs which take place in a prestigious position in which a lot of money is received with respect.  One of them is an IB officer job.  Yes friends, this is a job that people do not know much about, so people are not able to prepare for this job. 

 Some people who want to become an IB officer do not get the right guidance due to which they are not able to reach their goals.  But friends, if you also dream of becoming an IB officer, then you have come to the right article today.  Because today in this article complete information related to becoming an IB officer will be given.

 Who is an IB officer?

 Before we give you information about becoming an IB officer.  First of all you should know who is an IB officer.  Friends, as you all know, there are some such incidents happening in our country every day which are not good for the country at all.  A special organization is prepared by the army to maintain the internal and external security of the country.  

The work of this organization is to monitor criminal incidents taking place in the country without uniforms and keeping their identity secret.  An IB officer is a special officer.  The main job of the IB officer is to keep information about the unsafe incidents happening in the country, to investigate and prevent them.

 Every job has a certain uniform.  But the IB officer is a job in which there is no uniform.  Even the identities of IB officers are kept secret.  Nobody seems to know whois the IB officer .  IB officers do their work round the clock.  IB officer will get you in every form.  IB officials are also seen outside the temple like beggar priests.

 Educational Qualification to become an IB Officer

 Friends, if you want to become an IB officer, then it is mandatory for you to be a graduate.  An IB officer is a job in which you must have many talent.  You should be aware of social and political issues.  At the same time, you should also have information related to controlling the situation.  You cannot become an IB officer until you graduate.

 Age limit for becoming an IB officer

 There is a certain age limit to become an IB officer and you have to give your exam within the same age limit.  To become an IB officer, you must be twenty-seven years of age or younger.  But if you are an OBC candidate, then you can apply for up to twenty-nine years.  If you are an ST or SC candidate then you can apply for thirty two years.  Also, if you qualify for a particular sport certificate, then you are given an additional five-year exemption.

 Selection process

 Friends, till now we have told you what is the age limit to become an IB officer.  And what is the educational qualification to become an IB officer.  Let us tell you what steps you need to go through to become an IB officer.  

To become an IB officer you will have to go through three stages.  First of all, your primary entrance exam will be.  After this, your mains entrance exam will be done.  Then you will have an interview.  And whoever passes in these three stages will be appointed as IB officer.

 First stage exam

 In the primary stage, first of all you have to take the first stage exam.  In the first stage exam, a question paper will appear in front of you.  This question paper will have hundred questions. 

 You have to write the answers to all these questions.  You will be given one hour to take the exam.  If you give the wrong answer, there will be negative marking.  For which your numbers will be deducted.  Students who pass these will be promoted for the next stage.

 Second stage

 Students who pass the first stage examination and go to the second phase will have to give the exam for the second phase.  In the second phase you will be given fifty questions.  Thirty of these marks will be of essay writing.  While twenty marks will be related to English subject.  You will also have to pass the second stage only then you will be able to go to the next stage.


 Now finally the students who pass the second phase will be interviewed.  Special officers appointed by the government will interview you.  In this interview you will also have a psychology test in which you will be asked many questions.  If you answer all the questions correctly and the officer will be satisfied with you then your name will be sent to the list.  And you will be promoted as an IB officer.


 Friends, now all of you will want to know how much salary an IB officer gets.  So friends, for your information, let us know that IB officer also gets extra salary of 40000.  Along with this, there are many other perks as well.  Also, as time progresses, you are promoted to other positions and your salary is increased.

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 Friend that’s all for today.  This was a little information for you today.  Today in this article we have told you how to become an IB officer?  We hope you like this information.  We keep bringing you information on many topics.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day.


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