Grow these vegetables in your home garden in summer

Grow these vegetables in your home garden in summer
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Grow these vegetables in your home garden in summer – Hello friends, how are you? I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article. Friends, today we will give you very important information related to your health through this article. We will tell you through this article what are the vegetables that you can grow at your home. Friends, if you also want to grow vegetables at home, then for that, read our article till the last.

Friends, if you live in the village, you will get fresh vegetables from the fields all the time, but if you live in the city, then you will not get to eat fresh vegetables because all the vegetables and vegetables are available in the mandis. The vegetable is one or 2 days old.

Grow these vegetables in your home garden in summer

Friends, this was a problem and the second problem is also that earlier vegetables were grown in an organic way which was nutritious and full of vitamins, but now dangerous chemicals and medicines are being used in vegetables which will have a bad effect on our health. is. The only way to avoid all these problems is to start growing vegetables for yourself, if you have a place in your house, then you can grow pure and fresh vegetables at your home. Friends, many people do this at their homes.

Some people use the garden to grow vegetables, while some people use pots to grow vegetables. You can also grow vegetables at your convenience at your convenience, this will give you many benefits. The biggest advantage of this is that you will get to eat fresh vegetables and these vegetables will be completely full of postic and vitamin elements because you will grow them in a natural way and not by chemical fertilizers.

Today we will tell you in this article what are the vegetables that you can grow in your home.

Sweet corn

Friends, this is sweet corn, it is also known as Bhutta in the village. It is very tasty to eat. It is found in the summer season, you can roast it in a fire and eat it. Many other dishes are also made, which are very tasty. You can easily grow it in your home.


Friends, the potter is also a fruit similar to pumpkin. This fruit is used to make sweets. Many people also cook and eat its vegetable, you can easily grow it at your home and enjoy it.


Mushroom is not so much popular in India right now, but mushroom is very popular in abroad, if you also like to eat mushrooms, then you have to pay a very heavy price in the market for this, but if you start cultivating mushrooms in your home. That is a good deal for you. Mushrooms are a vitamin and nutritious vegetable.


Friends, no matter what kind of dish you need, you will definitely need chili. The need of chilli is required daily in every household, that is why you can grow it at your home and stop your unnecessary expenses. You can also use pots to grow chillies.


Brinjal vegetable is very tasty to eat. It is a popular vegetable, you can grow it in your home garden if you want, because it is not much of a vegetable that occupies much space and brinjals are also grown very early in the brinjal tree, so you can grow them here and use them Can make vegetable.


Tomatoes are used in everyone’s home. Whatever type of vegetable is there, tomato is definitely present in it. Tomato has a slightly sour taste which enhances the taste of your vegetable. Although you can buy tomatoes from the market at the same time, but they do not have the same taste as those grown in tomatoes grown organically.


Friends, cucumber is a food item eaten in summer. It is a fruit, eating cucumber does not cause heatstroke, so many people eat 1-2 cucumbers per day, if you want, you can grow and eat cucumber at your home.

These were some vegetables that you can grow at home, in pots or in your garden. In this way you can get nutritious and delicious vegetables at home and get rid of the dangerous chemical vegetables found in the market.

The conclusion

Friends, this was a little information for you, in which we told you about some of the major vegetables that can be planted at home. We hope you like this information. You remained with us to get similar information. Thanks a lot

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