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How Google My Business Helps Expand Your Business Google My Business can attract more customers. This way you can increase your business.

I. Look different when exchanging the latest and most important information: when customers search the Internet, they compare directions, opening hours, photos, offers, etc. You can say what’s special about your business by posting photos, information, offers, etc. . D.

II. Communicate with customers: customers share stories, review and connect directly to you through their phones. Google My Business gives you the opportunity to talk about your company. Replies to customer reviews, messages and inquiries, as well as calls from interested customers, will come to you automatically.

III. Create a free mobile optimized website in 10 minutes: with Google My Business you can create a great website. You can edit this free site from a computer or mobile phone. It will also let you know which photo the customer liked and where he came from.

You can find out intravenously how customers find you: Google My Business gives you information about how customers find you and how they interact with your list. You can track how many searches came into your business, request phone calls and directions. It will also let you know which photo the customer liked and where he came from.
How do I sign up for the Google My Business App?

If you also want to enter a Google search and add your company to Google My Business, you have been informed of the Google My Business registration steps that you can enter by following Google My Business.

Step 1. Register with Google My Business: If you have all these rights, you can register with Google My Business.

Step 2: Go to the site: First of all you need to visit this site Google.Com/Business.
Step 3: Click “Start Now.” After going to the website, you will see the “Start Now” button and click on it.
Step 4: Name of the company: indicate your business in it.
Step 5. Where you are. In this field, indicate “My business locations”, here you must enter the full address (address) of your company. If you also deliver, check the box.
Step 6: Service Area. At what distance you can provide your services, depending on the location of the enterprise, you can specify the distance in kilometers, and also select a specific area by pin code.
Step 7: Business category: here you must choose the category of your business, such as an online store, an interior door, a cafe, etc.
Step 8. Phone number / website URL. Enter your contact number or website URL here.
Step 9: Done. After that, the business goes to Google, after which it begins to appear in the search. Click on the Finish button.

Step 10: Choose a Verification Method

This should now be confirmed, Google My Business Verification sends the pin information to your location by mail. Only after that your company will be checked in Google. After 10-12 days, the PIN code will be sent to you by mail. It will contain the code that you must open Google My Business. Click Verify Now and enter your Google My Business verification code. After that, the account will be verified.

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