Gardening : Keep in Mind While Growing Plants in the Balcony

Keep in Mind While Growing Plants in the Balcony
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Gardening: Keep in Mind While Growing Plants in the Balcony – Hello friends, how are you all? I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article. Friends, today we will give you information on a very important subject. If you are also fond of gardening and you use the balcony of your house to do gardening, then our article today is mainly made for you because today we will tell you about the mistakes made while growing plants in the balcony.

Some of The Main Plants Grown in the Rainy Season

Everyone likes to do gardening. The person wants to keep beautiful beautiful flowers in his house, but friends have enough space in the village, that’s why people plant trees anywhere, where there is limited amount of space in the city, that’s why people use pots for gardening.

Gardening: Keep in Mind While Growing Plants in the Balcony

You may have also seen many people in the city keep colorful flower pots on their balcony. There are many benefits of this, the first advantage is that their house starts to look beautiful and the second advantage is that the environment around their house becomes pleasant, but friends who do gardening at home also face many problems. She comes.

Many times you must have noticed that the plant which you would like the most, suddenly that plant withers or its flowers fall out. That plant falls. Friends, if you do not want this to happen to your plants, then for that you will have to take care of some things which we are telling you below.

Using the wrong pesticide

Friend pesticides are just as essential for tree plants as medicines are necessary for us. Nowadays, many toxic insecticides have started coming in the market which are made from very hard chemical, if you use these pesticides, then the insects on the tree die, but they also destroy the tree along with it This is why friends always use good pesticides.

Water ratio is not correct

Friends watering is very essential for the growth of tree plants. All of you will know that all the trees that are plants are of different types, trees of different species have their own characteristics. Some plants are in excessive water, while some plants require less water. Friends, if you fill more water in the pot then it will rot, so you have to keep in mind that the water should be added to the plant as much as the pot absorbs, if you add more water to the plant then it can spoil the plant.

Picking the wrong plant

Not every plant is made for everywhere. There are some plants that grow in the shade area, while some plants grow in the sun, if you keep the plants that grow in the shade in the balcony, then those plants will wither away. Friends, the balcony gets sunlight throughout the day, due to which the temperature is very high, not every plant can tolerate that temperature, so you should know which plants are there to keep in the balcony.

Not choosing the right pot

If you use pots for gardening, then you need to pay a lot of attention while buying pots. Friends, always buy pots in which two or four holes are made, so that the excess water comes out of the pot. There are some pots in which there is not a single hole and the water that we put in it remains filled in the pot. Due to the water being filled in the flowerpot, the water gets hot in the sun and it causes damage to the tree by heating, so always choose good pots.

Do not use too many small pots

Friends are many people who want to plant many plants on their balcony. They need a separate pot for each plant, while the balcony is limited in quantity, that’s why people use small pots, but tell yourself how the roots of the big plant will reach in the small pot and when the roots of the tree are sufficient If nutrition is not found, then it dries up and the plant collapses.

The conclusion

Friends, this was a small information for you, in which today we told you about some major plants and about the mistakes made in the balcony. We hope you like this information. Thank you very much for being with us for other similar information.

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