Gardening : How to Grow Vegetables in Pottery ?

How to Grow Vegetables in Pottery
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Gardening: How to Grow Vegetables in Pottery ? Hello friends, how are you all? I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article. Friends, if you are also fond of growing vegetables in your garden or at home, then our article today is mainly for you, because today we will tell you about some of the best tips for growing vegetables at home in this article. After knowing those, you can prepare a good and advanced variety of vegetables at home.

Started cultivating ‘dragon fruit’, earning millions every year

Friends, as you all know that many people adulterate vegetables for the greed of money and to earn more money. Natural vegetables are not available as before. Vegetables are enhanced by the use of hazardous and chemical pesticides and are prepared ahead of time so that people can earn money by selling them in the market.

Gardening : How to Grow Vegetables in Pottery ?

Friends, eating such vegetables found in the market causes a lot of health for many people. The only solution to this is that you prepare pure vegetables for yourself at home. If you want to prepare pure vegetable for yourself, then for that you will have to read the article till the last, because today we will tell you about growing vegetable in pot in the house.

Potable vegetables to be grown in pot

Friends, there are many vegetables that you can grow in your pot at home, if you also want to grow vegetables in the pot at home, then for this you people can easily grow vegetables like Loki, bitter gourd, chilli, onion, cabbage, ladyfingers etc. Can.

For this, all you have to do is to take a flowerpot, fill the fertile soil of the field in the pot. You have to remember that you have to mix pure compost manure or cow dung in the soil. After that the mixture has to be filled well in the pot, along with this you have to make two or four small holes in the pot so that the water can come out of the pot. After this, keep the seeds of any vegetable you want to grow in this pot and keep the pot in the sun. Keep the pot under shade if it is too sunny.

What to do if there are no pots ?

Friends, the question of many people is, what to do if we do not have pots to grow so many vegetables? Friends, let me tell you that it is not necessary that you use pots only if you have a solid roof at home. So you can also grow vegetables on it easily by putting soil in the corner of the roof and making a boundary of bricks on it.

If there is an empty plot somewhere around your house where there is no one, then you can also use that place to grow vegetables. For this, you just have to level the place there, clean it and put some soil from the fields and add cow dung manure on it and make a good bed and start growing vegetables in it.

Take care of disease control

Friends, you have to keep in mind that when you grow vegetables at your home, a lot of insects and many other diseases will attack the vegetables. You have to protect your crop from them as well, for this you can use pesticides, but remember that you should use only those pesticides which are organic. Use of chemical hazardous pesticides can harm the crop.

The conclusion

Friends, today’s information ends here. Today there was little information for you, in this we told you about growing vegetables in pot. We hope you like this information. Thank you very much for being with us for other similar information.

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