Gardening: How Did The Pomegranate Tree stop Falling ?

Gardening: How Did The Pomegranate Tree stop Falling ?
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Gardening: How Did The Pomegranate Tree stop Falling ? Hello friends, how are you all? I once again welcome you all to our brand new article. Friends, today we will give you information on a very important subject through this article of ours. Friends, if you also have a passion for gardening and you do gardening on your fields, then this information is going to prove very important for you because today we will tell you how you can prevent flowers from falling on your pomegranate tree.

Some of The Main Plants Grown in the Rainy Season

You must have eaten pomegranate fruit. It is very tasty to eat. Everyone likes the fruit of pomegranate, whether it is a child or a grown-up. Red red grains are found inside the pomegranate fruit, which people eat raw. Some people also drink its juice. Friends, it is believed that drinking pomegranate juice causes a rapid increase in blood.

Gardening : How Did The Pomegranate Tree stop Falling ?

The price of pomegranate is very high in the market. Friends, if you grow pomegranate plants in your garden in your home, then it can prove to be a profitable deal for you. But growing a pomegranate plant is not so easy. Pomegranate has the most problem when its plants grow and flowers start falling in it.

Friends, falling pomegranate flowers reduces its yield because pomegranate flowers have pomegranate fruit only and when the flowers fall, their moments cannot be born which can ruin your hard work, that’s why you should know How a flower planted on a pomegranate plant can be prevented from falling. Today we will tell you about this, if flowers are falling on your pomegranate plant then how can we stop them?

Causes of Pomegranate Loss

Friends, the first thing you should know is how do pomegranate flowers fall? If you know what is the reason behind the loss of pomegranate flowers, then you can also prevent the causes of loss of them. The main reason for the loss of pomegranate flowers is given below.

Plant aging

Flowers on the pomegranate plant begin to fall because your plant is short in age. When the pomegranate becomes mature then its flowers do not fall, whereas if the pomegranate is still fresh and has just started flowering, then the flowers fall more.

Over water

One reason for the pomegranate flower loss is that we give them excessive water. On giving more water, their flowers keep rotting, due to which they wilt and fall down.

When there is a deficiency of essential nutrients

If your pomegranate plant does not have the required nutrition, then obviously its flowers will fall down and your pomegranate production will be very bad, so keep fertilizing water from time to time.

On using excessive amounts of chemical pesticides.

Friends, even if you use excessive amount of chemical pesticide, the flowers of your plant start falling, because very hard chemical is found in the pesticide which also burns your plant and its flowers start falling.

Giving less water than required

If you give less water to your plant than required, then its flowers start falling, that’s why you should neither give more water nor give less water.

Due to pests

As the pomegranate plant grows, many insects encroach on it. These kits start eating the plants and sit on the pomegranate flowers and slowly weaken them, due to which the flower weakens and falls down.

How to prevent pomegranate flower loss

Friends, there are some remedies that if you adopt, then you can get the pomegranate plants to grow well and prevent the flowers falling on them, for this you have to take care of the following things.


Friends, if possible, do not use chemical fertilizers and use organic manure more. By using organic manure, your plant is very good and natural nutrition reaches on it, which makes it strong and its flowers do not fall.


You have to keep in mind that when the pomegranates start flowering, then you start giving them sufficient amount of water, if you have planted a pomegranate plant in the pot then make three to four holes in the pot which will keep the water coming out . Friends, remember one thing in particular that do not add so much water that the pot is filled with water so that its soil remains wet.

The conclusion

Friends, these were some precautions that you can follow by stopping the flowers falling in the pomegranate plant and getting a healthy pomegranate plant. We hope you like this information. Stay tuned with us for more similar information. Thank you very much.

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