Fisheries Loan Scheme Farm information

Fisheries Loan Scheme Farm
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Fisheries Loan Scheme Farm

Fisheries Loan :- They are making the idea of ​​rearing fish, but they do not have complete information, due to which they are not able to take advantage of the fishery scheme, but if you are also among them, then today we will solve your problem. Through this nowadays we will tell you everything related to the fisheries scheme.

Fisheries Loan Scheme Farm

Fisheries scheme

First of all, you should know about what is fisheries scheme, how can we do business and what will it cost us? Many people have a question whether the government will give us a loan for this, if you If you want complete information, then read the points given below carefully.

Important things related to fisheries

80% of the total expenditure will be incurred by the Government of India to support you in fish farming.

As much as you produce, the government believes that under this scheme it will increase AAP’s production to 4500 kg per hectare.

Where to get information for fisheries

If you want to get complete information about fisheries, then for this you will have to contact the Chief Executive Officer of the Assistant Director of Death and the Foster Development Agency located in Uttar Pradesh.

You can also get information by contacting the office of the Deputy Director of the Board.
What is the appropriate time for pond preparation for fisheries

If you want to start fish farming, for this you have to prepare the pond in April, May and June itself.

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Which fish are reared in fisheries?

Under fish farming, 6 types of fish are reared, out of which rohu, katla, mrigal, foreign major species, grass carp and grass.

Where are the seeds for fisheries obtained?

To obtain seeds for fisheries, you will have to contact the Fish Development Agency of the district.

Apart from this, if you want, you can get the fish seeds directly from the municipal corporation in your pond by depositing money in the fisheries district office.

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