5 Best Free AntiVirus For Android In 2021

5 Best Free AntiVirus For Android In 2021
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5 Best Free AntiVirus For Android In 2021In today’s time, the smartphone is being used to a great extent and many such apps and files are also being downloaded in it, due to which it has become quite natural to get the virus in it. If you want to protect your Android smartphone from viruses, it is very important to use antivirus for this. That’s why in this article we are going to give you information about the Top 5 best free AntiVirus for Android.

Nowadays smartphone is being used so much that we save some of our personal data and information by saving it. In such a situation, any virus can ruin the data and information in this smartphone or any hacker can steal your information and data by inserting a virus in your phone. Antivirus has been created for protection from such viruses.

Top 5 Best Free AntiVirus For Android In 2021

Nowadays we download many such apps from Google Play Store or any other app store for our convenience, which may contain viruses such as these now prove to be very dangerous for your personal information and data. Many hackers steal information and data from users with the help of a convenient app. They can also misuse your information and data. Often you have heard that money was cut from someone’s bank account or someone’s photos got leaked on social media. All this happens due to this.

But if you use antivirus, then you can avoid all these things. That is why we are going to give you information about the 5 best free AntiVirus for Android.

Norton Mobile Security And AntiVirus

Norton Mobile Security and AntiVirus is considered the best antivirus for Android smartphones. This app keeps your mobile safe and protects it from viruses. With the help of this app you can scan automatic virus. If any virus will be present in your mobile, then it will give you information immediately. This way you can protect your mobile from viruses.

Not only this, if there is such an app installed in your mobile or there is a file in which there will be a virus, then this app will alert you. This app can be downloaded for free through Google Play Store and can also be used for free.

Avast AntiVirus

Avast AntiVirus is also the best antivirus app for Android. Many smartphone users also use it. Both free and premium versions of this app are available. If you use its free version then you will get some less features but if you use its premium version then it gives you complete security and better antivirus scan.

You can download this antivirus app by going to Google Play Store. Its free version also has an antivirus scanner through which you can do a full scan of your smartphone. After a full scan, if your smartphone has a file or app that contains a virus, it alerts you immediately. . In this way you can install that app on or delete the file.

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus also holds its important place in the list of best antivirus for Android. In this app you get features like Malware Protection App Lock Photo Vault, Junk & Virus Cleaner and Anti-Theft. Apart from this, features like WiFi Security Scan and App Permission Advisor have also been provided. With the help of this app, you can also increase battery life by installing a power saver. It also has VPN production through which you can protect your online privacy. You can download this app by going to Google Play Store

Anti-virus Dr.Web Light

Anti-virus Dr.Web Light has been downloaded more than 100 million times through the Google Play Store. Apart from this, it also has a rating of 4.6. You can use this app to scan any Android device, Android TV, Android media player and Android gaming console. This app has full file system scan and custom scan features. Not only this, call and SMS filters, anti theft and URL filters, cyber security etc. are also provided in this app.

Mobile Security, Antivirus & Cleaner By Lookout

This antivirus app has been downloaded more than 100 million times through the Google Play Store and also has a rating of 4.7. This protects your mobile device from viruses and ejects them. In this app, free mobile security, antivirus, app scanning, system advisor, locket and alert, signal flare, safe wifi, breech report, theft alert, safe browsing privacy advisor, lock and wipe etc. are provided.

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